Don’t get caught out – Your goods in transit

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Whether you’re taking delivery of raw materials, stock or other goods, or perhaps sending stock to your clients or arranging for movement of your stock from one warehouse to another, do you know if it’s insured?

Many businesses rely on their haulage contractor, courier company or carrier to insure the goods on their behalf.  But this can be fraught with difficulty.

Most goods carried by professional contractors around South Africa will be the subject of a carefully constructed contract, designed to limit the liability of the contractor.  These limitations will control:

  • In what circumstances you are reimbursed, for example the contract may only make the carrier responsible if they are negligent, or at fault for the loss or damage
  • If this person is convicted, he will have to face a fine or jail sentence for an offence which has benefited the owner of the company and not the driver.

This can leave a huge gap.

Even if the carrier has agreed to provide cover for the full replacement value of the goods, on an “All Risks” basis, difficulties can still arise.  There may be a dispute over the value of the items, the carrier’s insurance company may take a while to settle the claim, or the insurance might fail, leaving you with an expensive loss or delay that you simply cannot control.

To avoid these risks, arrange your own goods in transit insurance with Aston Lark. We can arrange bespoke cover for your items in transit, on an All Risks basis, under a policy that you can control.


Sebolelo Mhlongo

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